Refurbished Modular Buildings.

Upgrade your modular buildings with a refurbishment that offers quality, safety and comfort at an affordable price.

At 2Types Constructions, we boast extensive experience and skills in the installation and refurbishment of modular buildings. If you have existing modular buildings that need upgrading but don’t want to face the cost of buying and installing new ones, then we have the solution for you. Our dedicated team is available to refurbish existing modular buildings to offer improvements in design, practicality, comfort, and safety. With our high quality products and expertise, we can offer you a final product that meets all of your modular building requirements while still keeping within your budget.

We refurbish modular buildings in settings such as, but not limited to:
-mining zones
-large office companies

We have a highly professional approach to our customer service, and endeavour to work alongside you throughout the entire process. We will work to understand your individual needs and concerns while lending our own expertise to ensure that your modular buildings are upgraded with the highest possible safety and comfort in mind. With 2Types Constructions, you can rest assured that you will be receiving a finished product you can depend on with a professionalism you can trust.

So if you’re looking to refurbish your existing modular buildings, then call 2Types Constructions today. Alternatively, just fill out an inquiry form on our website now.