Home Timber & Pool Decks.

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Give your home added comfort with a custom-built deck.

Always wanted to add a deck to your home, but was worried about the cost or process? Then look no further. With extensive experience and a highly skilled team, 2Types Constructions is able to provide your home with decks that offer you the style you are after with a safety you can depend on. We pride ourselves on using top quality materials which when mixed with our professional service and expertise offer you a product that will both meet and exceed your individual needs and expectations.

Our team is a highly skilled and motivated group that can help you by taking care of the entire process through to the finished product. We are dedicated to ensuring that you receive the highest professional service with the best outcome that has been individually tailored to meet your needs. Our service is dedicated to providing you affordable costs and options to make sure that you stay within your budget without sacrificing on form or quality.

So give your family the living space and outdoor lifestyle you’ve always desired. Build a deck space that you will feel confident entertaining on or allowing your young family to enjoy.

Call 2Types Constructions today for a free no-obligation quote, or fill out our enquiry form on the website today.